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Here is illusory non-existent monuments

June 23, 2018
Wolvhammer - The Monuments of Ash & Bone

A confident mid-tempo drive majestically and confidently begins the Wolvhammer - The Monuments of Ash & Bone album, but from time to time the vocal carries Eternal Rotting Misery into the emotional race, tangling in its rapid emotional phrases in the painful musical chains after the choruses and before the final rush.
Power and pressure roll in dark waves, twisting the turns of a dense dark march. However, it should be noted that your obedient servant was so listened to by such a concentration of dark temptations that at first he was distracted from an incredibly melodic bridge with a refrain that could not leave indifferent any admirer of worthy music. Call Me Death shows unimaginable variations - calling the sad phrases of a distressed clean vocal. However, incredibly melodic tunes and musical decisions complete the composition.
Beginning with a swift stream of gloomy fog, the Law of the Rope vocal burdens the music with conjectures and reflections, concealing the impressions - but at first supplements the drive with vocal phrases, but anxiety and emotions darken the thinking, appealing to the painful forebodings.
Rolling on a tight and stubborn march, Bathed in Moonblood & Wolflight vocals encourages an average tempo composition that confidently and clearly brings back the sound to the origins of the style, as if casting a quarter of a century ago. However, the composition captures unforgettable legends ... I'll replay it again!
Combining together the darkness, oppressive grief and furious drive The Failure King continues stylist entry into verse. Then this journey in time is aggravated, as if returning even earlier than the forerunners of style, artistically and epically inspired by unknown inspirers.
Dead Rat, Rotting RavenIn the impetuous flow of the drive, the vocal part transforms, weaving together screaming and growling, weaving in the enchanting lace of their phrases, leaving, however, the scramming in the main position - that is typical for this style.
The painful doom (or black< or both of them?) metal Solace Eclipsed track completes the album, combining thoughtful reflections of pure vocals with the burdening melodic instrumental bridges and emotional phrases of the blackening screaming vocals. Partly - this album surprised me that the forerunners and legends of this style do not please me, sometimes annoying! On the contrary, I will re-listen to this group again and again!