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August 27, 2016
Skitzo - Dementia Praecox

I will examine you. What are you reporting? Your diagnosis - Skitzo - Dementia Praecox !
Uuuh! Rhythmic drum break and fast paced continues Cerebral Hemorrhage uncontrollably tearing the chains and striving to enslave the world around composition! The sad phrase "my balls ..." and the chiming clock starts Back To The Grave. Running vocal rush will slow down only chiming again clocks, but it can't stop that - only gave a bit of time to count down current hour. And the breakthrough extends to a nervous chorus.
Axe Witch cover Born In Hell slowly but surely counts steps of fiend of Hell on sinful Earth. More dense and powerful sound over the original composition makes clear - horrible creation not weakened in the rays of light, but only strengthened his spirit and flesh for further corruption of the righteous and God's people!
Sick Son Of A Bitch - sharp, rapid and unstoppable this statement, as is!
Mindless Corruption the assertion, repeated being replaced few times with guitar breaks, then sweeps away restrictions in a wild dash!
Bass guitar soloist improvises at the beginning, then her motive complement other instruments, then Lust And Perversion reveals all its shades, in a fast and sharp couplet which deliberately replaces with rhythmic bridge. Then chorus signs its mighty blows to submit its sense to all of us!
Half-blind monster marches slowly, shaking the sides from side to side - that's March Of The Rhino! Powerful, slowly, deliberately not paying the slightest attention to the barriers, trampling enemies, obstacles and interference your step.
After that monster is dispersed in a rush headlong to keep moving at a much faster pace! That means the World War 666! Vocals can not keep up the pace of the wildest instrumental rush, so music slows down its mad running, synchronizing its bursts with the story of the terrible war, narrated by the vocals.
Guitar riff slowly rolls - the legends of the macabre events and terrible omens Deep In Thought Of Killing You do not tolerate fuss. Plunging consciousness into the dark weirdness pervades the mind with terrible sensations, enveloping it with flickering guitar solo and chanting with clean vocals. There's no way to break free from that staff - perturbed acceleration guitar part significant!
Melodious dreamy Attack Of The Zombie Hippies sounds with acoustic guitars and sublime melodic inserts as the rewarder epitaph to our being at the end of the album.