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August 26, 2016
In Extremo - Quid Pro Quo

What can you offer to us? We will provide In Extremo - Quid Pro Quo (CD 1) for that!
Stortebeker fly as merry crowd, zipping through space on the wings of youth and unfulfilled aspirations, leitmotif, performed by the flute, runs through the whole song, like a gust of wind!
Parties in pubs and bars Roter Stern do not always pass with no point - if left intact, and remember last night - that is, the opportunity to gain a lot of new friends. To chants of that song has joined Hansi Kursch, Blind Guardian band's vocals! Epic instrumental urge wind instruments and flutes only reinforces the impression from these datings!
Powerful sounds of Quid Pro Quo combines with the guitar riffs, bagpipes and vocals with the crowd singing along to the chorus with proponents and allies!
Strings begin the way ofPikse Palve song, carrying voice through the spray of waves. Then, the main motive intercepts horns and drums, bringing us to the tunes of marine hunters and their predecessors, lost among the ages and waves!
Flutes and bagpipes have taken us away from the everyday world into a fantastic fairy shores, to understan that Lieb Vaterland, Magst Ruhig Sein has to be over our minds, uptaken us from sin of betrayal. The end of song lady joins to vocals to tell all of us - Fatherland above all!
Calm quiet speech reveals Flaschenteufel for all of us. Then the mysterious oriental motifs with support of Heaven Shall Burn shows a very peculiar character releasing a powerful weapon at the end!
Shamanic drums and tambourines with bagpipes create the atmosphere of the ancient rite, that summons ghostly spirits from other worlds. Dacw 'nghariad conveys a sense of mystical practices, pushing away the feeling of everyday boredom!
Moonlight is paving the way for the Moonshiner, which in the darkness of night brings glimmer of hope on the wings of a lyrical ballad.
Rhythmic impulses of the Gluck Auf Erden quickly leads to liberation and freedom from the shackles of emotions, followed by a short break with a leisurely vocal phrase. Then bagpipes joins zealous revelry all the other instruments!
"Black raven, black raven - hovers in vain over my head! You can't got me - I'm not yours!" Черный ворон -ancient Russian melody blossoms with new colors in the performance of these artists!
Bagpipe and music chants the theme of the sea again in the Sternhagelvoll, wandering on the sounds of the waves, filling the sails blows of sound vibrations!
Does not tolerate expectations and tightening impulses, Wenn Das Licht Angeht impetuously rushes through the entire length of its sounds, leaving indifferent and apathetic far behind! The rhythmic narrative Palastinalied 2 in the instrumental parts rather it animates and embellishes bagpipes, will sing it together hereinafter - Hallelujah!

In Extremo Have you something more valuable? Well, we continue In Extremo - Quid Pro Quo (CD 2) !
Quiet measured interpretation of Quid Pro Quo (Akustik Version) affair, more emphasis on emotions, acoustic keyboards do not hide vocal nervous impulses and translate them into a frenzy of instrumental breaks!
The following is the unity with the fans, to recall live performance of memorable hits

Lebensbeichte (Schifffahrt 2015 . Live)
Nur Ihr Allein (Schifffahrt 2015 . Live)
In Diesem Licht (Schifffahrt 2015 . Live)
Frei Zu Sein (Schifffahrt 2015 . Live)
Kuss Mich (Schifffahrt 2015 . Live)
Gaukler (Schifffahrt 2015 . Live)
Feuertaufe (Schifffahrt 2015 . Live)!