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That's not damnation - just an aberration

August 28, 2016
Ancient Myth - Aberration:

Whether all possible to imagine if all the expanses able to accommodate memory - Ancient Myth - Aberration: "Ag" helps in these matters!
Mysterious fabulous chants of the Awaken Lady contains the melodious flute pearl, framed by the fiddle parts.
Sudden rapid motifs reveal their impulses toward the sight of the Eyes Shine Like Raspberyl, bringing a little to the forefront symphonic melody, accelerating its pace in the chorus. Instrumental solos wildly blends cloud, paving the way for the brilliance of those fantastic eyes.
Violins support opera vocal melody, then a guitars and other instruments hardeneth the description of the Mortal Heaven. Lady's narration flows as balsam on the mind that was injured because the imperfection of the world. It enhances emotional shades and pace in the chorus - to give more respites to our hopes.
Sublime artistic melody of the Afterglow carries consciousness to open spaces of the fabulous legends. In the chorus to a gentle female clean vocals adds distant demonic screaming. Composition finishes with the tactful symphonic instrumental saga.
Furiously and meaningful orchestration begins Aerial Memories: True. Instrumental fury joins in a uniform impulse melodic symphony, delicate emotional dreamy female vocals and artistic keyboards breaks.
Ballad Prayer to the Icy Moon hopefully exalts the requests and pleas, uttering our hopes and expectations, asking for blessings and grace. Gentle keyboard passages, guitar riffs and vocal phrases erect these pleas in the exalted state over the clouds.
After a gentle ballad entreaty Against the Fate bears rage and fast pace, painted with the might and ascending the power of sound to new horizons. But powerful instrumental explosions are only support and edging for the emotional female vocals.
In Vitro makes a bit of dreamy in gusts, symphonic momentum preparing violin and keyboards to the Canis that's thoughtful meaningful confession of thoughtful lady, that transfigures with the increasing pace and violin part, streaking like a a fabulous mythical creature - maybe sparkling Griffon or dragon, flickering reflections of the wings through composition canvas.
Into of the Shade in the Dusk appeals to the depths of consciousness, storing ancient legends untimely with its symphonic sagas with fiddles and dreamy melodic guitar riffs. Then lady tries to awaken that ancient chronicles in the deepest vaults of all minds with her clear emotional vocals.
The organ leads its story without haste, without departing from the essence, then keyboards and other instruments connected to find the LINK. Vocal is divided into two layers - the operatic chants and serene narration. These different vocal tones complement each other by offering a story to the unprecedented levels of meaning and sublime beauty.
The strength breaks free, without noticing the melodic suites that hovers over it because of Raven Neamhain Sight. But these suites are combined in a uniform impulse, estimates devastating fury in the verse, but it returns to the fore in the chorus. In such a struggle and confrontation composed composition image.
Long-standing folk motifs of the Skoal! reminiscing about the ancient times, takes us to the deck of old ships, dissecting boundless expanses of the oceans with their wooden hulls. And a smell and taste of the skoal returns you to the land as a favor in a hard day's night!