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What kind of presentation takes place on the arena?

April 30, 2017
Tarantula (MAL) - Percaturan

Let the arenas and Tarantula (MAL) - Percaturan , where lot of people exchanges money and values, are necessary - each one perceives them in its own way!
A tranquil, emotional ballad Dikhianati thrilles into the passionate abyss of romantic experiences, enveloping the winds of unfulfilled hopes. Si Dia continues sad revelations, supporting the meditative and sad manner of the narrative.
Mainan Jiwa carries over to the vast expanses of pleasant memories, inspiringly recalling the past dangers and undeniable achievements. Sad notes alternate with a thoughtful dreamy joy, encouraging in future deeds.
Pensive wisdom stretches Untukmu in quiet, sparkling canvas of subdued brightness, pleasantly and with ease thinking about previous successes and melted joys.
After quiet, diverse ballads Teman brings a bit of joyful, cheerful drive shimmering with sparkling motives.
Rhythmically dancing Superbike brings an even more powerful and sharp drive, rushing along the road in a fast race, trying to get ahead of everyone and everything else.
Rhythmically driving intro of Rumah Puaka After the first measured and restrained vocal phrases music accumulates energy, throwing it out in violent and powerful rushes. These violent parties are replaced by concentrated vocal revelations, in the changes of the rhythmic structure and the whole composition proceeds.
Title track Percaturan completes the album, carrying the banner of youth and the desire to rebel against the stubborn foundations, cracking the patterns of the disgusted order.