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What kind of charms does your Majesty prefers now?

January 18, 2018
Vulgar Addiction - D-Hominizacion

Recharge, shot - a broken, changeable and artistic instrumental In-Pulso track reveals the Vulgar Addiction - D-Hominizacion album's expanses to our attention.
Sin-Pulso continues this story, transforming and grinding the mutable motive suggested by the previous composition into a severe and powerful stream of violent drive, gloomily and rigidly thickening the fog with vocal phrases, completing them with bright and dreamy guitar solos in verses. In the choruses, the gloomy charm of dark melodies and the harsh, sophisticated vocal parts are woven together in such a significant musical image.
Progressive and artistic guitar improvisations appear in the Mortui - Docent introduction, then combines with an unrestrained vocal riot, combining in this way the great symphonic motifs with people's rebellion.
Folkloric motifs charmingly intertwines with a furious drive in Festin De Ulceras song's music, shrouded in mastery of powerful instrumental motives. In the instrumental part, progressive and thoughtful images envelop the musical ideas with the covers of an increasingly epic mist. In the finish part, the vocals tighten its sound that very close to the growling.
Music dances, but then Estigia rushes into the stream of furious drive, weaving mysterious dances, causing a dance of vocal words with severe vortexes of instrumental passages, radiating energy and power.
Beginning with the obscure phrases of American officers in an obscure fog, the No Name (part 1) introduction arouses anxious forebodings. Heavy breathing and a pulsating rhythm poke a heavy wave of gloomy disgrace, enveloping everything around with harsh vocal statements and like a surf hitting rocks with waves of streams of musical drive.
Mysterious impulses of ghostly dance cause a changeable broken drive, creating mutable images, like a mythical Gorgona changing shape, reacting to outgoing threats. Then the instrumental bridge emits an even field, but the next verse is again changeable and unpredictable.
Mentira continues the pulsating dance, but more distinct and restrained, although the guitar flashes sparkle from side to side with their jerks. In the instrumental part, a thoughtful melody in several motifs in a single unforgettable impressive musical stream, then again a wave of restrained drive completes the composition with harsh severe march until the next guitar solo.
Unexpected for this style majestically symphonic intro begins the final album's composition Castillo De Mi Lucidez. However, this song enlarges the consciousness, without completely limiting its symphonic sounding to the framework of style - introducing both echoes of Gothic style and waves of symphonic harmony! Then follows the expected wave of drive, but the composition and album are completed by the flickering haze of the instrumental hazy twilight romantics.