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Switch off the moment of unpredictable journey

January 18, 2018
Dolores O'Riordan - No Baggage

The Christmas bells rang - but the echo of the holidays was, in particular, that still enough young (1971 - 2018), unique and unforgettable Dolores Mary Eileen O'Riordan was gone. Let this news bring grief, sadness and disappointment, however it should be noted that the well-known thanks to the songs of The Cranberries band, Dolores releases songs of solo work, the last album of which was Dolores O'Riordan - No Baggage in which the main attention was paid to particles of universal human deeds and world fates - It was focused on her personal thoughts, feelings and expiriences.
The album begins Switch Off The Moment with quiet experiences, raising a whirlwind of emotions and bringing a lot of vivid notes to the vocal part.
Vigorously and demandingly pulses the impulses of the Skeleton song music, in a verse, preparing for the ascension of demands and thoughts in the chorus.
Dolores encompasses us with a cover of romantic musical motifs, complementing them with admiration for those It's You with whom she is always better, quieter and cozier - no matter what around.
The Journey title brings to mind the idea of wandering, trials, exploits - on the contrary, a song about the fact that the narcissist can make journey ... somewhere in the other way fitting to his aspirations.
A wonderful wave of calm and sensual romance like a feather supports self-critical phrases of Stupid story - that sometimes one can not pay attention to relatives and friends, on the contrary - it should be done much earlier.
In part, the prehistory of the previous composition, in part - a warning to subsequent deeds, an indication to Be Careful about your wishes forever and ever. In the chorus, the subdued, restrained composition explodes with bright unrestrained emotions, subsiding in the next verse - and repeating this extravaganza again.
The song, dedicated to the way Dolores perceived her husband as Apple Of My Eye, how deep and conscious her feelings and experiences were, she offered to recall their origins and that so significantly influenced her thoughts, emotions and feelings. Complementing the motifs laid down in the previous composition, Throw Your Arms Around Me combines them with the sacramental rituals that the priests spend to summon incredible demons - but there's no sense to consider Dolores as a dreamer for her husband, he have to just wrap her up with the warmth of her hands.
Thinking about the surrounding events, about the fact that life should not be taken too lightly - on the contrary, it is worth to differently evaluate all its manifestations combined in a thoughtful and artistic ballad Fly Through. Games and emotions in the imagination are soaring in the incredible dances and extravaganza of unimaginable dreams ... but it does not throw up the waves of musical drive - such a storm of emotions is driven by the lyrics of a soft, calm ballad Lunatic, in which the vocals complement only the lace of keyboards passages. A storm of memories of youth, when everything seemed achievable, any dreams real and it seemed that it was enough to just reach out - and the manna of heaven filled you from head to foot. But Tranquilizer calms these aspirations with the statement that it she's not prepared, she needs the time... as all of us can't forget about her now and forever even after a lot of time.