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My lord, your servants have kept the crown unscathed

January 19, 2018
Sorcerer - The Crowning of the Fire King

Rolling in the dense, powerful waves of the epic legend Sirens begins the Sorcerer - The Crowning of the Fire King album with a story about the seductive curse of sailors.
Soft guitar passages are gently intrigued in the Ship of Doom introduction, then the music absorbs the ghostly power of frightening tales enveloping the impenetrable haze of legends, which it is terrible to trust but impossible to disprove.
Prolonging to envelop the Abandoned by the Gods musical image with gloomy shrouds, the vocals come to the forefront of the musical picture, raising their phrases above the surrounding darkness, trying to break the fettering bonds that are holding so tight in the depth of this abyss.
The epic musical pastoral The Devil's Incubus conjures up the negotiations of the caster and the priest with the demons summoned by him to the head of the musical image, in the verses of the sage meditation are tormented by doubts, in the breeches before the choruses his emotions are brought up by the vocal part, in the choruses of his apprentice and spirits echo his reflections.
Dreamy instrumental saga Nattvaka arranges a respite in gloomy legends about the Murian monsters and evil evil wizards, enchanting with charming melodic musical images.
Solemnly and proudly the vocals are carried by the scarlet banner of unforgettable history, in which fame and valor are not hiding from the upcoming battles with those who worship the Crimson Cross.
Continues with these marvelous tales is the title track The Crowning of the Fire King, meditating and anxiously reflecting on the surrounding mysteries and unknown charms, in the chorus, giving honor and praise to the hopeful image that gives inspiration and enchanting confidence in further benefits and divine graces.
The Unbearable Sorrow composition completing the epic saga tries to hold out hope, resisting doubts and gloomy omens, trying to stay in the light, struggling with the approaching shadows that darker then black. But the main story only recedes to the tales that bring a certain bonus to this creation - a thoughtful sensual ballad Disciples of the Dark (Bonus Track) brings an incredibly romantic atmosphere, which Bringer of Misery (Bonus Track) complements with incredible artistry, creating a delightful epic and introducing the influence of less romantic musical styles - then making this legend even more fascinating in a pacified contemplation.