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What is indestructible here? Come on, try to resist us!

October 02, 2019
 Destruction - Born to Perish

The title track begins the Destruction - Born to Perish album with a stern procession of drum roll, then the vocals are wrapped in the gloomy covers of musical passages and fascinate with the mystical mystery of restrained drive. Dancing in a playful dance, Inspired by Death continues the album, giving a mystical atmosphere sparkling notes of enchanting mystery. Preserving the epic atmosphere of ancient tales, the Betrayal song sets a more mystical character in the sound of the musical image, enveloping the vocal phrases of the chorus with invisible ghosts.
A fierce musical Rotten sound rolls in the gloomy waves of uncontrolled drive, while preserving the mid-tempo rhythmic structure. Filthy Wealth follows the pulsating heartbeat of the main motive, wrapping its passages and vocal phrases with strands of guitar variations.
In the introduction and instrumental bridges Butchered for Life entwines the listener with a romantic ballad, continuing gentle romanticism with the introduction of vocals, somewhat hardening the sound in the chorus and varying the shades of the vocal part. Tyrants of the Netherworld after shades of romanticism rolls in waves of severe drive, giving vocal phrases certain shades of playfulness and passion for adventure.
Developing the introduction from the muffled haze We Breed Evil progressively and mysteriously varies the rhythmic structure, following the vocal phrases along the paths indicated by the music. The Fatal Flight 17 intro flies away in a light whirlwind of lightened musical swiftness, the vocal part returns the epic atmosphere to the musical sacrament, giving shades of ancient legends to the musical image.
Even more impressed by the influences of fairy tales and legends Ratcatcher fully embodies one of them, capturing the listener with a bewitching musical stream. Hellbound ("Tygers of Pan Tang" cover)