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They will found a willingness to kill

October 03, 2019
Blood Red Throne - Fit To Kill

The gloomy mystery begins the Requiem Mass composition with a mysterious atmosphere, then the vocals and music explode in a rampant wave of drive, embodying the true essence of the Blood Red Throne - Fit To Kill album. Vague guitar passages create coverings of the Bloodity epic atmosphere, then the vocal narration raises bewitching banners, from time to time wedging into meaningful growling phrases with emotional screeching screaming vocals.
Sealing up the guitar passages and the Killing Machine, Pt. 2 musical image, the pulsating rhythm dances in the verses, rolling the significant whirlwinds of the harsh anthem in the choruses. Encircling vocal phrases with passages of the main motive, the music of WhoreZone song creates an atmosphere of a fascinating march.
Incredibly tightening and tightening the rhythmic structure, the guitar passages of Skyggemannen track escalates the gloomy atmosphere of alarming forebodings. InStructed InSanity introduction envelops with the charm of echoes of ancient legends, setting an epic mood before revealing the main covers of the musical composition. Continuing the mysterious trends of epic motifs, Movement of the Parasites supplements the gloomy mystery with warlike drum fractions, transforming it into a stubborn military march, sometimes flying away in swift fighting waves.
Vague trends of the Deal It or Die intro envelop the listener with an atmosphere of dark romance, creating the appearance of a certain ballad. The introduction of vocals complements the musical passages with the majestic significance of dark prophecies. End, according to the name, completes the album, varying the alternation of changes in the rhythmic structure and combining medium-tempo viscosity with a fast drive.