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What fear is rising before you

May 09, 2020
Storm Force - Age Of Fear

So inspirational Because Of You musical symphony erects a pedestal for a very mesmerizing beginning, marching in a vocal narrative along the specified path. The title track of the Storm Force - Age Of Fear album transforms the vocals, combining it with a background duet and inspiring sound.
Bringing vocal experiences to the forefront the Breathe carries musical variations beyond their changes. Starting the Ember Rain with chime ballad then brings vocal experiences. Ride Like Hell brings restrained drive trends.
The Dirty Vegas continues a similar nervous temperamental drive, turning to rock'n'roll.
More Than You Know continues the chiming sounds of sacrament of the acoustic chime of guitar strings complements the Marshall Law vocals experiences. The acoustic chime of the melody of the guitar strings brings even more charm to the sound of Different Roads song.
The nerves and experiences of the Ringside vocals narrative come to the fore, then emphasizing the Weight Of The World main motive with the bass guitars part.