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The past is so hard to forget

May 10, 2020
Horrid - As We Forget Our Past

Fascinating with the mesmerizing melody of the guitar solo of the introduction, which embodies the leitmotif of Reborn In Sin composition, the music is then chased by a wave of furious drive. but after a battle of musical fury, music is transformed by a leisurely procession of a majestic anthem, twisting the vocal phrases with the sparkling strings of a guitar solo, then again returning to the leitmotif. After such a meaningful and artistic beginning, the Misunderstood God continues the Horrid - As We Forget Our Past album with an explosion of rage of the deadly musical thriller, spurring musical passages with severe vocal phrases of severe growling. Instrumental bridges bring shades of melodic charm.
Beginning with an epic procession of a pensive march Redemptions and Lies complements the wise musings of a severe growling with tempo variations and dancing guitar riffs. Bringing a throbbing fury to the annoying musical drive the Demonic Sadocarnage crowns it with a harsh vocal narrative. The Immortal Passion mid-tempo musical narration marches with a confident musical procession, twisting vocal phrases with swirls of guitar solos and thoughtfully slowing down the pace in the bridges.
The drum roll of the From Here to Eternity intro is followed by a wave of musical drive, marching along the brink between the mid-tempo march and the rapid race of the musical wind. The sound of Blasphemic Creatures composition is transformed according to vocal directions, developing according to the reflections of the vocal part. Forcing the waves of an unstoppable drive by the guitar solo of the introduction, Vortex of Primordial Chaos then transforms into galloping pulsations of rhythmic jumps, sometimes breaking in a rampant rushes.
Land of No Return subjugates the ever-changing essence of musical composition with vocal guidance, weaving guitar riffs with vocal s appeals in a captivating dance. The title track As We Forget Our Past completes the album, marching in the gloomy mystery of the dark anthem, combining screaming and growling in the vocal part.