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Songs about sad events are sometimes embodied in fairy tales

May 08, 2020
Teufelstanz - Carmina Tristia

Transforming the charm of folklore stylistics, the Невесёлая песня (Кино Cover) song begins the Teufelstanz - Carmina Tristia album with a tribute to the legends of music, which left an indelible imprint on the people's memory of the world's largest country at that times, at the turn of the ages. However, in such a performance, the lyrics take on great significance - complementing the pensive narrative of the vocal part with inspired tunes of wind instruments.
The pensive softness and mesmerizing sensuality of male vocals, marching in the foreground of the The Rains Of Castamere (Piano Version) musical image, is complemented by a pulsating heartbeat of piano passages and keyboard variations, complemented by background tunes of female vocals.
Violoncello and violin interweave in the bewitching lace of a thoughtful symphony, bringing shades and influences of classical music, captivating with the interweaving of musical musings of the Der Finne (Cello Version) instrumental saga, completing this release with the embodiment of the majesty of charming melody.