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What does this world taste like?

February 04, 2018
Arbor Ira - Weltenfresser

Nervous vocal predominates in the pulsating disturbing sound of the Des Poeten Klage introduction, then after thoughtful instrumental reflections the vocal goes to the transcendental distances, building illusory castles of a romantic extravaganza. Once again, he is embittered by the wave of drive, which is dispelled by sad reflections and vocal confessions, starting the saga of the pensive romance of the Arbor Ira - Weltenfresser album.
The charming symphony and soft, calm phrases and mysterious tunes precedes the development of a viscous gloomy extravaganza Enslaved/Funeral Belt, painfully and sadly developing the story. Then the lyrical instrumental part is combined with a thoughtful and changeable vocals, creating a kind of musical lace, anticipating the guitar solo and changing the character of the final part of the composition.
Like the reminiscences of wise bards Die Vernunft Der Anderen develops its main motive from soft guitar motifs, then supplementing them with a vocal duet and embodying all the significant power in history, gaining more and more new musical shades enveloping the deep growling vocals.
Playfully dancing Taurus Divina main motif, accompanying the whole symphonic axis piercing the whole composition, embodied by the violin part, envelops it with changeable vocal phrases, confirming the completion confidently and significantly with the stream of gloomy viscid leisurely drive, over which dreamy violin and keyboards passages hovers. Thoughtful entangled with fetters of unclear doubts Circle confession embodies the vocal variety, combining in the vocal passages of meditation and confidence.
Romantic symphony Nemorivagus weaves into an enchanted female vocals, bringing a mysterious lyrical mystery and a male, using a variety of pure, screaming and growling. Over this musical saga like bright flags violin motifs is fluttering.
The composition completing the album Wundervolle Heilung combines in its long and varied sound all that is embodied in the foregoing compositions - starting with a romance, preserving the melody of the main motive, it complements it with various vocal changes, melodic shades of magical violin and charming keyboards tunes. Clicking the open bottle and the distant cries of the crows complete the album definitively.