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Human nature has been studied and will be studied

February 05, 2018
Another World - Human Nature

Thoughtfully, in gloomy oblivion and mysteriously in cryptic musical decisions, the title track begins the Another World - Human Nature album. Then the rhythmic part of stubbornly promoting its anxiety is covered with a slight fog of keyboards and guitar doubts, embracing all around the atmosphere with anticipations and apprehensive forebodings.
"Houston! We have a problem!" begins negotiations of cosmonauts with the Mission Control Center, distorting in the mysterious dialogues of entry further development Fate Warning as a solemn saga of confrontation with unknown dangers. Then stubborn harsh questions in a rhythmic pulsation interrupt this peculiar heroic romance, again and again casting sound on the chosen path. But again the negotiations of the pilots launch a thoughtful ballad.
After the changes and heroism in the previous composition, Humanity begins with the noise of rain, enveloping the tender sound of the piano's part. Dale, this romantic ballad fills with feelings and emotions, as if pointing out - no matter what external enemies are defeated, your thoughts will remain with you forever and ever. The wave of drive and the mysterious unpredictable deadly Damage dance bring the hot and spicy spirit of the desert, dancing before the epic fractures. Then an unimaginable symphony rises from the dunes, anticipating the final, repeating the introduction, rush. Beginning as the mystical fog of mysterious anticipations, Peace Of Mind develops into a charming soft and sensual ballad that captures consciousness and mind with melodic musical streams.
The twilight mist of an obscure atmosphere dissipates before the meditative reflections of a restrained atmospheric ballad The Fall, creating a foundation for long and slow deliberations.
A wise guitar fingering riff is combined in the marvelous lace of musical ideas with the rest of the enchanting extravaganza of the marvelous Renaissance instrumental ballad, raising thoughts beyond the topical worries. Then the main motive is embodied in a bright splash of instrumental frills, preserving the enchanting melodism. The sound of the surf fascinates in the introduction of City Of Lights 1115 further romance, completing the album with an indescribably lyrical ballad.