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What does this machine has under the armored hull?

May 17, 2019
Machine Guts - Machine Guts

The music of the Machine Guts - Machine Guts album is full of the ever-young rebellious rock"n"roll, challenging the hated foundations and setting up an endless desire for freedom. First, Drunk Song envelops in a haze of alcoholic vapors, whirling unbridled merriment at the bar. Then Fight pumps up waves of fighting spirit, appealing to the eternal rebelliousness and endless battle.
By twirling an impetuous drive Heart Of The Swarm with swift whirlwinds of musical stream, it hastily and uncontrollably prepares to listen to the thoughtful In The World Of Machine with the shades of a hard blues, approaching to a sludge music.
The drumming, gathering troops in the campaign lays the foundation for intro and further development of the Iron Fist song in the campaign to the east.
Sternly and unwinding the flywheel of musical sound, the introduction of the Limited song spins the impetuous whirlwind of musical narration, which remains, however, middle tempo. However, the sound of the next song embodies the expectations of the impetuous drive, which accentuates the Machine Gun title in the chorus again and again. Rock And Roll continues the rapid waves of rebellious drive, rolling whirlwinds of desire for freedom.
But on the path of adventure, there are gloomy anxieties, enveloping the whirlwind of cautious Self Destruction vocals phrases and creating an alarming atmosphere with middle tempo music passages.
Soft melodic riffs envelop the Shaver Man prelude with a soft ballad atmosphere, but then the composition and the whole album ends with a rampant impetuous drive.