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May 16, 2019
Scars (NOR) - Trust No One

Dense breezes of harsh musical canvases twist sonorous and meaningful vocal phrases, anticipating the ascension of history in the chorus of the title Scars (NOR) - Trust No One album's song.
Pulsating throwing from side to side of musical trends braid broken vocal experiences, then weaving into the fascinating narrative of the Eye for an Eye composition. Echoes from the Past transforms the previous composition, transforming the nervousness and doubts of the eclecticism of ancient legends and the enchanting epicity of the narrative - as if the ghosts of the ancients rose from oblivion.
The main motif weaves a cocoon with the rhythm section around vocal narrations, intriguing the further development of the Hold Your Horses composition.
The noise of the rain calls on some of the trends of progressive development and the notes of thrash metal. Then, in the chorus, Volcano song is transformed into a stern march, wrapping epic charm in instrumental bridges and musical desires.
Pulsing with waves of a mid-tempo march, the I Go Insane song is forcing an atmosphere of alarming experiences and disturbing sensations. The spicy raid of desert winds in the reinterpretation of the Heart of Emptiness (Remastered) composition completes the album, complementing it with unexpected trends of epic charm and expanding the musical genre framework.