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What do you mean?! Is that really HELL?!

December 14, 2017
The Convalescence - This is Hell

The severe hard rhythm Scum in explosions of a furious drive in the middle tempo begins the The Convalescence - This is Hell album, combining the dominant growling with the phrases of the screaming, combining them with a wonderful and cosmic melody in the chorus.
Dancing in a gloomy, dark dance, submitting to musical vortices, vocals combine screaming and growling to tell us - there's No Way Out.
Keyboard passages in the introduction give a gothic hue to the music, the singing lady complements this romanticism with her vocal. But demonic growling supplements this gothic romance with its harsh phrases, declaring I Won't Survive. Well, in darkness and death there is its charm.
The furious drive Murder Machine begins with screaming vocals, then, together with the growling vocals, bringing the distinct influence of melodies of melodic death metal to music.
The mysterious Burn introduction envelopes in a mystical symphony, an obscure romance ... but a burst of drive and screaming change the sound, leaving, however, melodic intonations. Then the rhythm and tempo change, above the main musical canal a chorus of invisible spirits and a detached symphonic saga are hovering.
First, violent warlike power combines with melody of There Will Be Blood guitar parts, vocals in violent screaming and severe growling create a severe musical image. But the sublime keyboards and female vocals complement this song with lyrical romantic shades. The severe drive of the Alone intro is then volatile and unpredictable, the music changes, displaying a variety of styles, guitar riffs with key passages sometimes take the music to the sky-high spaces, the vocals constantly change their mood and the party.
The pulsing march of the title track This is Hell in which the keyboards bring an alarm then rushes into the hard drive stream, from time to time returning to pulsating impulses or breaking into a fast race with scrambling on the vocals.
Rapid drifts are borne out by transformations that are reflected in the changes in vocal parts and the pleasing influence of sublime keyboards. Guitars are changeable in their reflection of the melodic essence of With No Hope composition.
The World Infested completes the album in a swift whirlwind, combining in a single ornament melodic and fury, speed and power.