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Blackness and darkness do not know the common seasons

December 14, 2017
Rage - Seasons of the Black

German metal veterans continue to develop the theme of darkness and evil, researched in the past year album, in this last release Rage - Seasons of the Black (Limited Edition - CD 1)!
The title track Season of the Black begins the album, in a violent, impetuous drive, focusing on a wonderful, enchanting melody and lyrics, full of despair and doom.
Disturbing notes sounds in Serpents in Disguise, calling to beware of hiding in the shadows of snakes. Although, it should be noted that the melody gives inspiration and shrouds encouraging motives.
The dark atmosphere, entangling with the mysterious musical and vocal passages of the Blackened Karma verse, uprises in the bright and inimitable chorus, exciting wonderful melodic decisions and raising the mood with vocal emotions.
So bright, memorable and charming melody Time Will Tell develops manner of the previous chorus, their fans at the concerts will sing along in the spirit of the "Higher than the sky" of the same group!
In the average tempo, the sound darkens, the Septic Bite atmosphere grows darker and deeper, enveloped in shadows with shadows. In the chorus, music tends to free itself from shackles, vocal phrases demonstrating an uncontrollable desire for freedom.
The viscous, dense twilight of the entry turns into an evil stream of powerful drive, the vocal mysteriously broadcasts about the surrounding impiety, during Walk Among the Dead in the underground world, not forgiving a single mistake, and trying to lead from the only right path and drag it into the abyss of evil and death.
Short preparation in the introduction then turns into the dominance of the All We Know Is Not main motif, which is enriched by a background chorus in the bridge and chorus.
Quadrology that completes the album starts with a soft and gentle acoustic praise to nature Gaia, in which the guitar search is combined with a soft and inspired vocal and singing of birds.
Solemnly and meaningfully the Justify introduction foreshadows the subsequent bright inspiring saga, which serves as anthem of justice and appeals to the righteousness of thoughts.
Well, band creates hit songs as well, they can! In the instrumental part, a shadow of doubt creeps into the sound, passing into a fast and bright guitar solo.
The choir of ministers in the church precedes the Bloodshed in Paradise music and vocals, in which the influence of trash metal appears as well.
A solemn, significant and wise ballad Farewell completes the album, introducing the spirit of legends and honoring past feats, in an inspired atmosphere combining a melodic symphony with enthusiastic and worthy vocal parts.

Although, since there were 2 CDs in the edition under consideration, we'll listen to what is on Rage - Seasons of the Black (Limited Edition - CD 2) sounds.
Remarkably - the band has remastered their ancient hits, published in 1984-1985, when they were called Avenger band. in this songs you can hear the sources of inspiration of this band to release 22 bright, original and memorable albums!
A fierce, stubborn rush pours a stream of fearless drive in Adoration song, bringing melody in the chorus. Mid-tempo reflections bring stylistics Southcross Union is combining several different styles of metal - melodic refers to one, performance and vocals - to another.
A short acoustic guitar passage into the introduction turns into harsh heavy metal revolt against the system Assorted by Satan, confidently and clearly combining the influence of Motorhead, implemented brightly and in a peculiar way, with the vocals of Peavy Wagner.
Well, what were the sources of inspiration of this band, which itself serves as an excellent role model, you should not even try to guess - in the uncompromising and furious breakthrough of the Faster Than Hell verse we come to the support of the companions of vocal phrases in the chorus. The viscous fog of the musical march Sword Made of Steel and the stern vocal phrases in the proud saga tend to fight shoulder to shoulder, building a wall of shields in front of the enemy.
Rapid, fast Down to the Bone combines changeable vocal phrases with stunning rushes of instrumental passages. In the instrumental part, a bright guitar solo is brought with the charm of a dark melody, whipping, cries of victims and vocal confession. but, complete the composition and album the same rapid breaks.