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What am I accused, why outcasted was me?

May 05, 2017
Firespawn - The Reprobate (Limited Edition)

Doubts, uncertain rage and unreasonable anger create an image Firespawn - The Reprobate (Limited Edition) which in the mind of each will leave different impressions!
After a brief introduction, rage and power overthrow a wave of frenzied energy of Serpent Of The Ocean , concentrating around the hot winds of angry flares.
The ornate, mysterious guitar moves starts Blood Eagle and penetrates it all as the main motif, carries away in a whirlwind of the refined and complex palette of thoughts, putting a lot of questions on which does not hurry up and does not bother to answer.
The main motive of Full Of Hate from the very beginning is irremovable and unrestrainedly captivating in its sounding, enveloping its own notes and coils of its image.
Disputes of guitar riffs and vocal phrases sink in the abyss of Damnatio Ad Bestias gloomy doubts, escaping sometimes with convulsive rushes from the depths of twilight doubts.
Persistent, steady and rhythmic step follows the beaten path of Death By Impalement without deviating in the direction of its confident march. Step by step, confident and energetic!
Furious and anger drive of General's Creed wrath, smashing any conceivable and unimaginable resistance to smithereens, smashing every obstacle to the nines.
The WhitechapelA clear, confident narrative persistently in a confident cast, rhythmically broadcasting vocal phrases, enveloping and wraps them with gloomy and fierce melody. A Patient Wolf continues sounding in a similar manner, hammering hard and confidently the vocal phrases with the hammer of his instrumental moves.
Rocking in a leisurely, broken manner, The Reprobate firmly and confidently hammers its story into the minds of all around, not doubting the correctness of the chosen direction. No haste - tough, clear, concentrated - blow, next blow!
Disputes, discussion competitions and the struggle of guitar motifs adds to the Nightwalkers tale, completing the album in an atmosphere of unspoken doubts and uncertain ideas.