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Medieval and darkness - the plague was as tribute

May 04, 2017
Temper Temper - Plague

The greatness and eminence of empires, the certainty of order and law inevitably provokes indecision and Temper Temper - Plague !
Hard, clear and obtrusive rhythm whirlwinds turn into Float sounding, unifying the vocal duet in a single stream of musical essence.
Hard, clear, conscious and rhythmic blows extols Beautiful Mouth on the real basis, clearly and furiously driving the blues in every tact.
In the misty haze passes Epigone, mysteriously and thoughtfully the vocal intrigues before further changes, loftily and dreamily uplifting the musical image over the clouds.
Ragged, broken changeable rhythm plunges Smell into the abyss of changeable sound, subverting the usual patterns into nothingness.
Setting continues the same volatile, broken sound, the vocal doubts in which in every phrase.
Pensive, mysterious ballads Blue Sky carries through the hot atmosphere of desert winds.
A mysterious, lyrical melody drives romantic fantasies into the fog of Desire, enveloping with the haze of emotional puzzles, expressing and refuting various emotional outbursts.
The fog of entry creeps into the general Strike musical image with occasional strokes and a vocal whisper. In this mysterious mist passes the rest of the composition, sometimes alternating vocal delights with recitative . Gloomy uncertainty Before the Nothing completes the entire album in a dusky fog, enveloping in the darkness of oblivion and detachment.