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Well, the gang - we will starting to implement the next idea

January 13, 2018
The Gang - The Gang

Enerically and stubbornly Let It Rock begins the The Gang - The Gang album, completing powerful and violent instrumental impulses of keyboards passages up and a solid and unshakable foundation created by bass guitar with vocal phrases. Keyboards solo in the instrumental sound of the lifts in the soaring expanse beneath the sky.
The mysterious keyboard passage sings in an obscure dance Get Out of My Life with rhythmic guitar breaks, summing up its musical turns by the vocal phrases.
Again the bass guitar and drumms creates the foundation and background for the musical extravaganza, which is rebelling in the ever-young mood of never getting old Rock 'n' Rebels against annoying prohibitions, burdensome restrictions. Riot for the sake of rebellion over all!
A thoughtful ballad Only the Devil Knows introduces an atmosphere of customary customs, that happened to indulge sitting in a rocking chair near warm fireplace, comfortably wrapped with so soft plaid.
The restless composition strenuously achieves fulfillment of its desires, but it wants more and more - therefore I Want More process is essentially endless and it can not be completed in any way. In the instrumental part, the guitar solo on the background of the sublime background of the keyboard part brings a cloud of hope, but the desire to get more and more complete the composition with a viscous guitar riff and howls.
The majestic ballad You're the One enchants with its breathtaking sound, calming down with soft sensual vocal phrases, then rising in a lyrical fog over ordinary worries.
Assertive energy Real Self comes with restrained vocal phrases, sweeping aside the remnants of doubts, vigorously developing a thirst for freedom and striving for bright lights at the end of the tunnel, that means unrestrained freedom for thoughts and ideas.
The piano and organ envelop the vocal reflections with a translucent veil of enchanting melody, creating an inspirational music of Lost Friend lyrical ballad.
Wild HurricaneFurious drive blows through any obstacles, 1 does not see any obstacles, sweeping shoring frames and restrictive fetters in impulsive restless rush. So tranquil pensive ballad Different Today completes the album, returning to native penates and wrapping with a wonderful atmosphere of cozy peace.