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Apprentice - give me that scroll immediately!

January 12, 2018
Watain - Trident Wolf Eclipse

A violent stream of unrestrained drive opens the gates of the Watain - Trident Wolf Eclipse album, then with the connection of the vocal to the sound of Nuclear Alchemy the brook of melodism is poured in, not at all minimizing the energy and power of the composition. In the refrain, thoughtful phrases calm the waves of unrestrained rage with meditations, but for a short while these shackles are enough - after that the music and the vocals are completely uncontrollable.
The gloomy sound of Sacred Damnation envelops obscure ghosts in dark shadows, creating an obscure misty atmosphere, replacing the rapid jerks and viscous melodic waves creeping in with dark charms from all sides.
Epic fairy tale Teufelsreich slowly and significantly rolls out his narrative, rolling waves of enchanting dusk gently but insuperably.
The swift race through the impenetrable twilight carries to unknown goals cognizable in Furor Diabolicus choruses, passing through unseen charms and imaginary mysteries.
The annoying impetuous furious impulses rushes in A Throne Below invisible dance to the leisurely dance of musical ghosts, which appeals in the sparkling robes of lyric melodies.
The mysterious sounds of the Ultra (Pandemoniac) introduction are hovering around the old castle with a swarm of undisturbed spirits, then creating a dark tornado in an accelerating vortex, only the vocal introduces some calmness into this gloomy tale.
Encouraging guitar breaks causes frenzied drive waves, the vocal introduces a vague mystery, which then sharp, swift demons carry across their winged spits through the impenetrable darkness Towards the Sanctuary.
Heavy majestic wise reflections about The Fire of Power combines with the impetuous impulses of the guard procession, the surrounding lord chambers and marching as his glorious achievments. So charming epic melody anticipates wise reflections, culminating in a confident solemn legend.
A dusky fog with muffled vague phrases creates an obscure gloomy atmosphere of Antikrists Mirakel intro, completing the album in impenetrable fog of such kind.