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Assistant - give me the folder to choose the next experiment

January 13, 2018
Tune - III

The dark, puzzling Monster sound of intertwining electronic notes with a thoughtful complicated rhythm, pumping fog around the enchanting melody and alarmed vocal phrases after a cautious and restrained introduction, stretching to half the composition, begins the Tune - III album.
Even more delving into the hazy mist Higher envelops the fog of doubt, pondering in the dusk of dark romance. My Way brings an atmosphere of thoughtful blues, combining such interesting musical ideas in an atmosphere of careful reflection, guessing more and more new puzzles and trying to find a single right path that will solve them.
Keyboard passages come to the forefront of the musical image, the vocals float in the clouds of narcotic dreams, which Cocaine gives the inflamed mind, joining in a marvelous dance with musical passages, coming to the fore in bridges and choruses.
Combining scientific speculation with the mention of a kind of sitcom's television series, Big Bang Theory in an obscure fog juggles with musical ideas around vocal phrases where the male experimental scientist's vocals occasionally supplement the phrases of the assistant trainee.
The group depicts itself as a dixieland from the distant future, playing Sky High incredibly futuristic lounge, realizing guesses about how it will sound millennia after the original performance of similar musical wolves of relaxation, tranquility that makes to respawn so ancient musical style. In the twilight, Icarus as fog of the Gothic atmosphere creeps through the sound of the album , combining with the explosions of emotions in the vocal part in the chorus restrainedly meditating in the verse.
So soft musical Zero-G haze creates a background for the vocal confession, which sounds as if on all sides are held by indestructible bonds, enveloping the atmosphere of hopelessness with freedom, while remaining captivated by the worrying reflections that end the album.