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July 18, 2022
Noircure - Kyrie

The music envelops the vocal narrative in a hazy atmosphere, starting with a restrained demonic screaming, in which then dreamy notes appear, embodying in the sound of the Brumous composition the musical features of the further sounding of the Noircure - Kyrie album, continuing with a thoughtful Rovi romantic story, charming musical transformations and artistry combined with romantic vocals emotions.
The Kyrie album's title track soothes with the bewitching atmosphere of a mysterious fairy tale, starting a vocal narrative in the charm of musical passages with unhurried and unhurried thoughts, complementing this with the charm of guitar solos. Musical twilight envelops the Mirifical vocals phrases with mysterious veils of musical mystery, complemented by background musical motifs and distant mystical chants and echoes of distant battle marches and epic vocals chants.
The confident, persistent and stubborn procession of the Petrichor main motive is complemented by vocal significance and romantic musical shades and vocal reflections of dreamy clean vocals. Influenced by the insistent drive of the intro, the Halcyon sad ballad shrouds the vocals memories in a ghostly haze, then envelops an increasingly dense and dark musical sound, receding before the twilight mystery of the Endora final composition of the album.