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One step in one direction, the other in the other

July 18, 2022
Mourning By Morning - A Step Away From Light A Step Into Abyss

The title track begins the musical narratives of the Mourning By Morning - A Step Away From Light A Step Into Abyss album with romantic reflections, then supplementing this atmosphere of sad memories with vocal diversity in a combination of screaming and growling, alternating them and building unite with vocals transformations the ghostly castle of a twilight symphony. The music of the Bastard Sanctuary composition rolls over with bewitching waves of a charming fairy tale, embodying the atmosphere of the leitmotif in the introduction and then being carried away by vocals transformations together with musical variations.
The symphonic introduction rolls out a bewitching musical canvas, on which figures narrating a vocal fairy tale walk, shrouded in mysterious musical veils with gothic shades, combined in the sound of the I Am But A Shadow Beneath You musical tale, the mystery of the sound of which continues the mystical mystery of the Onward To My Descent composition, preserving this atmosphere in the twilight procession of a musical riddle.
The As I Bleed intro keyboard suite creates an atmosphere of musical charm, which is then complemented with dark beauty by musical passages and inspired vocals phrases, developing further musical transformation in the breathtaking sound of The Night Is Fleeting composition, complementing the charm of symphonic melody with the influence of restrained drive and epic echoes of the leitmotif. The gloomy atmosphere of wandering through the impenetrable darkness of unexplored catacombs illuminates the musical atmosphere with the sound of the exciting Beyond The Gates musical saga, ending with the melodies of the wise bard in the A Step Into Abyss final composition of the album.