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Falling into the void of war

July 18, 2022
Thy Kingdom Will Burn - The Void and the Vengeance

Musical waves roll in the chosen direction, paving the way for a confident mid-tempo procession of the vocals narrative of the Between Two Worlds composition, opening the musical gates of the Thy Kingdom Will Burn - The Void and the Vengeance album with significant confidence. The Disbelief song immediately paves the way for the procession of the main motive, paving its way through the joint efforts of music and vocals, combining the main growling with additions of screaming in the vocal part and raising romantic banners of melodic charm in the chorus.
The music again captivates with its melodic sound, keeping the musical axis of the Veil of Wicked Sky main motive, entwined and decorated with a charming vine of a guitar solo and vocal emotionality. After the twilight mystique of the opening, the Fortress of Solitude epic saga then combines this atmosphere with occasional whirlwinds of drive and the atmosphere of ancient tales.
The sound of the Nothing Remains song weaves an exciting musical canvas from the unity of music and vocals, then weaving an exciting lace of artistic musical diversity in the solemn charm of the sound of the Barren Land musical composition.
The bright and exciting sound of the Siren of Doom bardic ballad embodies the echoes of medieval fairy tales and exciting legends, diversifying the vocal part with inspired melodies of clean vocals, starting with romantic thoughts, then rolling in waves of martial prowess in the sound of the Serpents story of old fairy tales, foreshadowing the symphonic charm of the sound of the Through the Broken Lens final composition of the album.