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We will tell you the darkest tales

July 01, 2022
Homicyde - The Sickening Tales

After an intriguing preparation for the intro, the Hell Awaits For Thee song captures the listener's attention with an artistic alternation of a fast-paced musical drive with screaming vocals and a dark musical celebration with growling vocals. The drum roll of the intro sets the direction of the sound of the Trapped In A Cage track, continuing the Homicyde - The Sickening Tales album with an exciting alternation of musical styles, giving the sound of a musical thriller melodic charm and unexpected artistry.
The vocals appeals sets the mood for the sound of the Nothingness twilight tale, enveloping the vocal lyrics with veils of twilight musical charm. The Murder Sets Me Free composition accentuates the rhythmic pace of its sound, complemented by a bewitching twilight of enchanting musical melodies.
Epic musical motifs and echoes of knightly sagas are combined with furious and assertive drive in the mesmerizing sound of The One valiant saga, combining echoes of ancient legends with the musical and vocal pressure of insistent sound, continuing a similar style in the sound of the Shattered composition, which intends and pays more influence in the musical image to the combination and alternating screaming and growling vocals. The bright guitar solo of the intro weaves a mesmerizing musical lace around the lyrical vocal narrative of the Kidnapped song, completing the album with the captivating and intriguing sound of the swift flight of musical variations of The Sickening Tales album's title track.