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Striving to see the light in the darkness

June 30, 2022
Alpha Haunt - The Gift of Life

The Darkest Corridor mysterious instrumental composition creates the intriguing twilight of the Alpha Haunt - The Gift of Life album's intro, then long and carefully preparing the intro of the mysterious vocal procession of the In Peace Eternal song. Vocals phrases envelop the twilight covers of an obscure haze, complementing the mysterious atmosphere of musical mystery.
The twilight mystery of the Otherside keyboards solo wraps the listener in flights of ghostly mysteries and takes him on a journey through unknown spaces, which is then transformed into a meaningful tenacity of the painful procession of the No Light Shine dark anthem with twilight vocals phrases and background melodies of the flute.
Stubbornly and persistently pulsating with a rhythmic procession, the Wandering moves with the gloomy mystery of the background echoes of suffering souls or other musical echoes similar to that.
The vocal part hardens rhythmically the procession of the To Hell gloomy dark march, going into the terrible expanses of unknown horror, ultimate sin and absolute evil.
Once again, eerie background motifs complement the Frozen I Became musical procession, giving it a frightening ambiguity and twilight mystery that fully emulates the sound of The Gift of Life album's title track, which draws the final line in its musical story.