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We will harvest at all

January 18, 2022
Green Lung - Black Harvest

The Harrowing chants of the invisible singing lady open the musical gates of the Green Lung - Black Harvest album with mysterious tunes, enchanting with the mystery of epic motifs of ancient fairy tales, culminating in a sparkling whirlwind of a guitar solo as the introduction to the Old Gods track, which marches in a confident procession of mid-tempo march, solemnly and meaningfully preparing for the introduction of the male vocals wrapped in a tome of musical solemnity. The sound of the Leaders of the Blind song continues a similar style, but accentuates the rhythmic marching in the introduction even more, speeding up the tempo a bit with the introduction of vocals in the verse and crowning the vocal phrases of the chorus with artistic wreath of keyboards passages, which come to the foreground of the musical image in instrumental bridges.
The acoustic guitar solo of the intro charms with melodic musings, but then the guitar riffs bring waves of drive to the sound of the Reaper's Scythe track. But the acoustic guitar solo combines with the vocal musings in the Graveyard Sun bard ballad tunes of the intro, then bringing in the romantic melodism of the romantic music and vocal tunes, anticipating the mesmerizing and epic in its majesty solemn melodism of the Black Harvest instrumental title composition.
The viscous duskiness of the guitar riffs combines in a mysterious dance with artistic keyboard variations, coming to the forefront of the musical image in the Upon the Altar chorus. The intro guitar solo acts as a leitmotif, subordinating the rest of the You Bear the Mark song's musical variations, but retreating before the vocal reflections of the verse to return to its dominance in the chorus. A dusky, gloomy haze envelops the listener with the Doomsayer musical story, foreshadowing the album's conclusion with the Born to a Dying World sad ballad.