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We will end this road

January 18, 2022
Salvacion - Going To Hell

Vigorously, insistently and rebelliously the Backseat Betty song starts the sounding of the Salvacion - Going To Hell album, somewhat moderating the tempo in the chorus and charming the sounding of the guitar solos in the instrumental fragments. The bass guitar solo topped with a guitar solo comes to the forefront of the Bury The Hatchet intro, persistently, confidently and persistently following the chosen musical path, crowning the further musical waves with vocal phrases.
The dusky sound of the Broke Your Neck ballad combines musical fury and drive with a leisurely musical sound, uniting such contrasting elements in a single musical stream, then the Savage song explodes with an artistic whirlwind of guitar riffs that winds the vocal part in a sparkling spiral of musical passages.
The brooding romantic experience of the Cold Dead Hands intro conjures up the unity of romantic vocal reflections and fickle musical rhythmics in a single musical stream. The Going To Hell title track develops the fragments of musical diversity laid down by the previous music composition, enchanting with the mesmerizing unity of melody and drive.
The vocal part brings its importance to the forefront of the Ma Deuce musical image, foreshadowing the musical development of the instrumental part and laying the foundation for the epic conclusion of the album with the End Of Kings musical tale with shades of a battle march.