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January 18, 2022
Shearer - Duck On Cover

Insistently, meaningfully and thoughtfully, the vocal part comes to the forefront of the War Machine musical image, starting the musical story of the Shearer - Duck On Cover album with the funky title with thoughtful reflections. The sound of the Without Your Ghost track soars with a whirlwind of guitar solo, enveloping the rebellious vocal musings with a swirling whirlwind of guitar solo.
The insistence of the musical sound relegates the vocal part to the musical background in the No Love introduction, but then the vocals combine in a sparkling dance with a whirlwind of musical passages. But then the music and vocals are transformed in the dense and rhythmic sound of the Let Go mid-tempo march.
Rhythmic, energetic, and expressive, the The Future Is Lost song rolls in waves of musical drive, complementing the main vocals with the background singing of the musical comrades-in-arms. The sound of the Nothing To Keep Me song begins with romantic musical passages, but then the I'll Be Right Behind You, Josephine music and vocals combine elements of romantic experiences with touches of rebellious musical moods.
Once again, the Insides, Outsides romantic musical introduction transforms into a whirlwind of musical fun and inspired Miniscule dance, which anticipates the Julia, Mindset and Brown Eyes final compositions of the album, which begins with a soft and gentle acoustic guitar solo and keeps romantic shades of musical passions.