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Knowledge can be a blessing as well as a curse

January 19, 2022
Apothesis - Madness of Knowledge

The instrumental introduction of the From the Sleep track charms the listener and serves as a precursor to the swirling whirl of the guitar drive of the Maker composition, combining the swiftness of the musical motifs and the diversity of the vocal part.
Continuing the Apothesis - Madness of Knowledge album's musical narrative, the title track brings epic musical tones to the musical exasperation, as if enchanted by the tunes of elven flutes. The Catacombs song enchants with a melodic guitar solo in the intro, bringing the vocal part with twilight tones of perilous wanderings through forgotten tunnels. The progressive musical motifs bring a mysterious mystique to the sound of the Culture of Fire track, complicating the rhythmic structure in the introduction and crowning these musical motifs with vocal severity.
Returning to the artistic complication of the rhythmic palette, the Endless Waves song continues these musical experiments of such unexpected stylistic unity. The Unknown Roads composition gallops with a swift gallop, somewhat restraining the musical swiftness with vocals chants. Fiercely rhythmic musical essence of the Tyrants Fall injects a furious power of drive into the twilight procession of the dark anthem.
Instrumental variations of the guitar solo with wordless chorales serve as the Of the Masters instrumental introduction to the final chapter of the album, which is introduced by the tenderness of the Purge ballad tunes of a wandering bard and by the scintillating melody with elements of bard tales in the Emerald Tablets final composition of the album.