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We hear the echo - but where did it come from?

October 05, 2018
Elysium Sky - Echoes From Nowhere

Vocal phrases, full of emotions and feelings starts the Faded Lives intro, then the gloomy mysterious musical haze precedes the wave of the medium tempo drive, which appears as the main motive of the first composition of the Elysium Sky - Echoes From Nowhere album.
A ticking clock, distorted phrases of a dispute are heard as if from a distant past, embodying the Echoes From Nowhere title of the title track of the album. This song combines the romantic motifs peculiar to the ballads and restrains the rhythmic aspirations of the middle tempo composition.
Distorted electronic buzzing anticipates the triumph of an epic motive, as if the ancient knights rise from oblivion, and parade musical sounds accompanied by majestic romanticism. Perhaps this Bereft ballad is the most successful composition of the album.
A deep and proud introduction anticipates incredibly progressive laces of the Puppet Souls musical passages and vocal phrases full of emotions and feelings.
Sublime keyboard passages embody thoughtful organ motifs, then Dont Look Back develops into the enchanting sound of a romantic ballad, enchanting with a soft and gentle sound. A complex rhythmic pattern returns to an indescribable progressive Screaming In Silence sound, which it makes no sense to describe - it is worth listening. But after the complex and mysterious musical decisions of the couplet, the chorus throws covers of the drive on progressive musical passages.
Mysterious mystery envelops obscure Lantern For The Dead musical twilight and full of doubt vocal phrases, enveloping the mind and thoughts in mysterious mysteriousness, rising in instrumental bridges with waves of cosmic energy.
The vague and uncertain buzz in the Madness Calling intro is transformed into thoughtful vocal reflections. But then the vocal lifts its part and the music turns into the most driving and dense composition of the album, ending it with a restrained sacrament, however.