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Battles, trials, exploits...after us - the deluge!

October 04, 2018
Imperial Domain - The Deluge

Cryptically and mysteriously beginning with the intertwining of fabulous motifs with symphonism True Face of War opens the gates of concept album Imperial Domain - The Deluge, excitingly intriguing with subsequent songs.
Title track The Deluge continues this artwork even more praising the blend of symphonic melody with fabulous motifs, embodying these trends and shades to the full in the middle tempo composition, the vocals bring in rage and militancy, the music sets off and complements the vocal phrases.
Soft passages of an acoustic guitar begins The Future Is Lost song, then developing into a combination of classic keyboard suites with harsh vocal and melodic guitar motifs, interlacing in the breathtaking lace of such an effective composition.
The gloomy fog envelops the mysterious haze of the intro, from which the Conspiracy main motive rises in a bright and exciting way, dragging you to follow your musical delights into any myst.
Filled with sadness and sadness, the ballad Withdrawn from Life continues the album with pensive romance, enveloping vocal phrases that consist of male growling vocals with brief inclusions of female speeches. The vocals in the verses explode with fierce indignation, the instrumental passages in the bridges give the composition a wave of melodic charm. In the Eternal chorus, these contrasting musical entities are woven together in a magical dance.
An instrumental suite Evanescent conveys a sweet sad improvisation of a court orchestra, embodying sadness and detachment on the royal face.
The Ever Since That Day composition, full of majestic pride and significance, completes the album with wondrous melody, weaving in marvelous passages notes of celebration and saddened wisdom.