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Dark shadows of the past can affect the future

October 06, 2018
Sacrificed Alliance - Withdrawn

Mysterious classic motifs envelop the Spiritual Enlightenment intro with a fascinating twilight, then enveloping a wave of drive with their hues, while beginning the Sacrificed Alliance - Withdrawn album with a union of fabulous motifs and restrained drive.
Continuing the epic motifs of the Nebuleuse saga, it is even more appealing to ancient legends, majestically rolling out the charming motif of the intro, which complements the musical swiftness at the end of the intro. The vocal part is preceded by the sound of the surf. In the choruses, the motifs of the intro, enveloped in symphonic passages, returns. In the instrumental part, the orchestral symphony comes to the forefront of the musical image, enchanting and captivating the listeners attention.
Beginning with a wave of bright energy, the Solar Eclipse composition retains the charm of the introduction, transforming it into exciting waves of an enchanting symphony, exciting thoughts and mind with its non-descriptive charm in the instrumental finale. Wonderful melodious delights and incredibly melodic background are combined with fascinating passages of the vocal part, weaving into a fascinating musical lace of a very successful and impressive Faded Lights Cemetery composition.
Remaining on the background of the Verdancy composition, the keyboard suite exerts so significant influence over the song's main motive, manifesting its motifs in guitar parts, enveloping vocal phrases with fascinating symphonic melodies. The composition ends with a majestic melody, reviving the ancient motifs of medieval heroic sagas.
After symphonic chronicles and fascinating sagas, the Impending Salvation verses appears as swift and energetic waves of drive, transforming in instrumental bridges with the trends of progressive symphony, but in the chorus the mood of the couplets returns, though intertwined with ribbons of fabulous appeals and chants of invisible fairies in the background.
Rolling in exciting waves of enchanting melodism, the Nocturne music sets off a screaming and growling controversy in the vocal part, transforming magical delights in bridges by developing this enchanting glow in the choruses.
Thoughtful and symphonic instrumental suite Termination anticipates the last composition of the album Void Eternal with covers of fascinating romanticism, exploding with a burst of spectacular and majestic instrumental passages in the introduction, anticipating the severe wave of the drive, intertwined with the charm of epic shades and symphonic background.