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February 23, 2022
Shoreline, 2021 -  Disconnected (EP)

The title track of the Shoreline - Disconnected (EP) release begins its musical narrative with an intriguingly thoughtful verse for the sake of an inspirational rapture in the chorus, extending the stylistic framework of the musical narrative of the final section.
The sparkling guitar solo of the intro alternates with a twilight vocal wistfulness, combining in a single musical flow with the rebellious tunes of the chorus, alternating contrasts in the Distant (feat. Smile And Burn) musical composition.
The vocal narrative enters the sound of the Konichiwa (feat. Koji) ballad with unhurried reflection, then combines the vocal duo in a single inspiration, bringing a rebellious freedom to the vocal tune of the chorus and an unhurried thoughtfulness to the vocal part of the verses.
The intro of the Sanctuary (feat. Be Well) track brings in notes of drive, then progressively and artistically combining the twists and turns of the musical tempo and vocal changes. The Meat Free Youth (feat. Nervus) final sigh of the album calls for an inspired anticipation of the coming shifts, bringing waves of hopeful mood.