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February 24, 2022
Sintax, 2021 -  Nano 3000

The fierce drumbeat of the intro concludes with the twilight mystical mystery of the guitar solo, then rolling in the harsh waves of the Skeleton Scale dark anthem. In the mystical mystery of the chorus, the vocal part comes to the forefront of the musical image, anticipating the enchantment of the guitar solo with oriental motifs of the instrumental part. The Reefers Sting and Honey composition enters with a furious fury of drumming, continuing the musical narrative of the Sintax - Nano 3000 album with the unity of the martial drive and vocal emotionality.
The intro guitar solo weaves the musical lace of the Most Hated Man in the Universe leitmotif, enveloping the vocal reflection with a veil of enchanting mystery. The bright musical triumph of the intro intrigues the further development of the Sight Got Past composition - nevertheless, the musical flywheel unwinds sparklingly, brightly and impressively, capturing attention and consciousness with its sound!
The Nano 3000 title track captivates with the mystical mystery of the intro, then speeds up the tempo with the ascension of the vocals in the verse and centers in the solemn procession of the epic anthem of the chorus. An enigmatic bass guitar solo creates an intriguing atmosphere in the introduction, culminating in the ascension of the guitar solo and culminating in the embodiment of the unity of drive and melody in the sound of the Shooting Stars song.
Oriental motifs come to the forefront of the intro, then retreat before the musical pressure of the frenetic Lethal and Armed musical thriller, which anticipates the album's conclusion with the lingering twilight of the Lunchtime Funeral track with touches of progressive fractured rhythmic structures.