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Nemesis shall to come again and again

February 23, 2022
Venom Prison, 2022 -  Erebos

The intriguing mystery of the Born from Chaos composition opens the way for the first chapter of the musical narrative of the Venom Prison - Erebos album, combining the emotional vocal part with the bright and melodic guitar solo, which unites the symphony with the explosions of the furious drive and the musical power of the Judges of the Underworld song. After the mesmerizing motif of the intro and the rushing drive of the verse, the Nemesis epic saga combines oriental and antique motifs in the solemn anthem of the chorus, continuing a similar unity with more emphasis on antique motifs with fierce vocals and a mid-dark Comfort of Complicity rhythmic march, which then soars in a rushing race for unattainable dreams. But the sound of the chorus charms with a melodic atmosphere, culminating in the melodic enchantment of a guitar solo.
Beginning with an enchanting ballad with soft and tender melodies of the singing lady, the Pain of Oizys composition then supplements its sound with harsh male growling, supplemented with corresponding musical bitterness. The Golden Apples of the Hesperides epic saga starts with progressive jaggedness of musical variations, then swells with furious whirlwind of musical thriller with variations of tempo and rhythmic structure. The sound of the Castigated in Steel and Concrete composition weaves the enchanting lace echoes of ancient tales into a solemn braiding of the enchanting narrative of the vocal storyteller.
Brief intrigue of introduction is torn apart by whirlwind of Gorgon Sisters musical fury supplemented by background echoes of enigmatic symphony, then somewhat moderating musical swiftness in progressive brokenness of rhythmic transformations. The Veil of Night composition again and again transforms its sound under the influence of vocal changes, anticipating the progressive versatility of the Technologies of Death song, which closes the album brightly and artistically.