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We have to drag out our lives from the wasteland

May 21, 2018
Chainbreaker (AUT) - Wasteland City

Driving pulsating doubts in the Merciless Eyes introduction continues in turns of rebellious drive, supplementing vocal experiences with the emotional component. The title track continues Chainbreaker (AUT) - Wasteland City album, relying on the main motif in the bridges and the chorus is carried away in the unrestrained rushes of the verses. Intriguing with the enigmatic epic of the intro Oldschool Attitude is then carried away in the impetuous stream of old-school drive, without seeking any modern trends - these musical traditions incredibly rocks! The scream of friends in the pub, the click of the flying lid, the ringing of the mugs precedes the bass guitars solo, then the Fuck Shit Up feast turns into a dense rushing drive.
Kneading a cocktail of the main motive, the vocals add to the whirr of the sound, but a crowd of supporters screams Breaking The Chains, but the vocals continue their nervous thinking swings.
The gloomy march rolls around, embodying the abyss of darkness in the mid-tempo Awakening Of Evil intro, then sweeping away in the swift musical stream of demonic dance.
Uncontrollable rage splashes out in a comprehensive Mind Control thriller, radiating anger and frenzy in all directions with vocal phrases and musical breaks.
Guitar passages recreate the majestic images of ancient legends Blood For Blood, calling under their banners the vocal part, before which impetuous impulses unwound the flywheels of the narrative at an accelerated pace. Rain Of Ruin as if continuing the previous composition, transforming the main motif into a different musical form, arranging the composition in a dense and rigid mid-tempo march. Summing up the final fragment Acid Attack keeps an intriguing shade of the epic chronicle, but is carried away in the desire for freedom and undisclosed opportunities. The debut album of the group was polished bright, impressive and exciting - we will wait for their next musical compositions with impatience.