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The king has dispatched healers to identify the epidemic symptoms

May 21, 2018
Caligatum - Epidemus

The croaking crows, the mysterious steps on the background, the bell chime and the opening gates begin the Caligatum - Epidemus album with the mysterious instrumental Sepulcrum intrigue which precedes the dark symphony with the beginning of the next composition Epitafio (feat. Anna Fiori) in which the demon growling immediately sweeps the cover of darkness. But in the darkness there is a duet of female voices, Anna Fiori that is combining emotional and sensual feelings with versatile operatic band's vocals that will complement all the compositions of the album with its charming sound.
Symphonic chorals and musical shades are combined in Basilisco (feat. Adrian S. Ayala) song with the power of drive, then the vocals form such enchanting combinations, varying emotional clean male vocals, notes of severe growling and female opera trills. In the instrumental part, an unforgettable melody brings a shade of wise sadness, but the furious drive comes back, enveloped in vocal delights.
Continuing the restrained rapid passages in the La Dama de Las Tormentas introduction, then vocals causes the musical image changes, epicly uprising bright phrases to the triumph of romantic melodism, stopping at the proudly throbbing anthem in the instrumental bridges. Deeply and thoughtfully, the growling completes the composition, summing up the legend.
The enchanting Hecate ballad envelops the surrounding space with the mysterious haze of unclear romanticism, the vocals enter leisurely and gently raising the enchanted grail of musical magic, then exhibiting unprecedented beauty of operatic skills, sweeping away any doubts.
The Dante (feat. Cristobal Aguilar Basulto) main motive for the introduction envelops the further development of the composition with an obscure fog, supplementing further musical variations with an intriguing guitar solo, the vocals are alternated, combined with musical changes into an exciting musical lace. Discarding rapid passages and uncertain changes Espiritu Menguante (feat. Cristobal Aguilar Basulto) covers the mind with the canopy of the majestic hymn, beginning with a confident male vocal giving instructions and orders and continuing with magnificent female charms.
In so marvelous Penumbra dance, a deep restrained growling is combined with a delightful female opera vocals, marching in the obscure fog of musical mystery.
An obscure sadness envelops Inocencia Abortada (feat. Cristobal Aguilar Basulto) thoughts, majestically weaving together female and male opera vocals, supporting them with grotesque phrases and carefully wrapping these reflections with glittering symphonic musical armor. The end of the song seems to precede the introduction of the next one, Profecia, taking off in a fast stream of drive, while a confident deep and severe growling does not slow down the music in a viscous leisurely epic saga.
So pensive ballad Deja Que Salga la Luna with a solo female opera vocal is full of joy for the symphonic interpreting of folkloric motifs that majestically fit into the enchanting ornament completes the album.