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May 13, 2017
O.Torvald - #нашілюдивсюди

We bring to your attention the last album of representatives of Ukraine on Eurovision 2017 song contest:
O.Torvald - #нашілюдивсюди .
Intro sets the mood for the perception of subsequent musical arts. Emotions, in a furious impatience, form Дим of our impressions in a single illusive image.
Broken choppy rhythm turns into a volatile, kind of a whirlwind throw out the emotional variations, again and again, creating different images - it tells that you Вирвана, completely different from all another.
The youth drive of title track #нашiлюдивсюди raises emotions in the emotional sphere, doubts and memories of the past days, raising it with moodful keyboard and guitar motifs a mood in the field of dreams.
So changeful cautious dance cries out for attention, again and again circling in mysterious pirouettes of impatient anticipation for the Копы.
Не меняй меня (feat. Mickey) sounds for those who in modern music lacked recitative and other rap influences.
Muffled, restrained ballad Знаки keeps in tension, circling around the main motive with vortexes of tense anticipation.
So pensive, foggy ballad На днi concentrates around the monologue of doubts and feelings, again and again discussing its capabilities, abilities and characteristics.
Reflections, doubts, selection of the path Твой дух - твоё оружие combines slow, restrained phrases and violent, powerful drive in the single musical image. The description of the unique and unimaginable lady creates another variation in Вирвана (Nick Niker Remix).
Rethinking the title track #нашiлюдивсюди (Vovking Remix) completes the entire album.