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All of generations passes through the endless circle of life

May 12, 2017
Motto Perpetuo - Circus Of Life

Everything in the world have combined in continuous Motto Perpetuo - Circus Of Life , forever and ever.
Beginning with wise intriguing phrases, Hidden Heart inventively and inspiringly creates the tempting seductive musical image, tremblingly cherishing it with emotional vocal turns and musical originality of keyboards passages and guitars riffs.
Swiftly rising on the waves of a powerful drive, bright emotional vocal phrases create an atmosphere of dazzling inspiration, chanting My Only Heroes again and again!
Rhythmic and restrained I Wanna Be Alive envelops with the intriguing fog, hiding the shades and clear shapes by the haze of imaginary reality, twisting with vines of musical intrigue and words of various dreams. After the chorus in the instrumental part, dreams are lifted in a gentle rush over the despicable fog, presenting the next verse and the refrain in a sublime mood.
The main motive flies through time and space, carrying one on its Inmortal Wings through unexplored spaces.
Persistently, demandingly and clearly The Words I Didn't Tell You carries us to the thoughtful, confused and emotional story of lady bard. Then this narration increases the emotional background and musical content, creating an iridescent bright musical pattern.
Solemnly and proudly, the main motive is the glorious banner of the detachment of heroes, that battles with this Summer Storm more and more swiftly, more richly and more meaningfully. Female vocal in the chorus have replaced by the melodies of the opera Valkyrie The gentle, sensual romantic ballad The Other Side takes us into the expanses of a dreamy imagination, creating images of castles in the clouds, sparkling princesses and unshakable princes, surrounded by knights in enchanted armor.
In so constant, never-ending dispute between the male and female vocals enveloped in an exalted and fascinating melody, the sound of Dreamer story passes.
In a nostalgic mood, with a throbbing pulsating rhythm, in an atmosphere of constant and restrained expectation, the emotions of vocal passages raise Fight On Fire anxiety to the front end of perception.
Anxiety, ascending melodic passages to the top, pulsating On The Edge of nature, completes the whole album, combining melodies and emotions together.