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Most memorable seems ghostly? See closer, you have to

May 14, 2017
Hate (POL) - Tremendum (Deluxe Edition)

Listening to Hate (POL) - Tremendum (Deluxe Edition) I've rethought a lot of. Listen - everyone perceives music in their own way!
Powerfully, thoughtfully, from all sides ... ah, it is so difficult to describe how the march of intro creeps up into every corner of consciousness ! But then Asuric Being embraces all the aspects of life with its power and all-embracing awareness! NO! Enough of words! LISTEN! Only have to be listened as well!
Voluntarily, powerfully and unrestrainedly ... ah, solemnly and capriciously Indestructible Pillar continues what has been started. The power exceeds the speed, the melody does not flinch at all - the melody is simply embodied in the unrestrained, indisputable and unsurpassed stream of musical charm!
Thoughtful, pulsating Svarog's Mountain narration slowly perceives attention, creeping vocal attempts into the depth of thought. Then the rhythm and melody complete the vocal phrases from all directions, from time to time clothe them in the whirlwinds of their delights!.
Circles in an incredibly mysterious, fascinating, shaking mind and thoughts, dancing - Numinosum takes all of us in its atmosphere, captivating with charming and attractive melody into the abyss of charming slavery and loss of will!
Immediately carrying away into the deep, viscous immense abyss of passion and sin, Fidelis Ad Mortem gathers around the company of sinful souls circling around the whirlwind so charming and fascinating rage that it is impossible to turn their attention away from them for a single moment!
Not allowing to get out of the abyss, Into Burning Gehenna draws us even deeper, even hotter still further into the circles of this musical image, somewhat extolling vocals, tempo and melodiousness over anger and wrath!
Sea of Rubble сarries all of us away into powerful, confident procession along the chosen path! Not the slightest doubt - just like that, only that path!
The power of the Ghostforce from the first notes subordinates everything around, the melody sounds a distant instruction, subordinating everything around its influence, its fulfillment is performed without the slightest resistance! Кestrained, anxious anticipation of Walk Through Fire intro have embodied in the powerful, unrestrained wave of all-encompassing rabies - demanding, persistent and unrestrained vocal phrases are surrounded on all sides by powerful vortexes of instrumental support! Outlining oriental motifs in the instrumental part, the composition covers from all sides! Slowly, ingratiatingly, gently Hearts of Steel (Bonus Track) begins, with the inclusion of vocals enveloping in more and more forms and shades. No, there's no need of speed and haste there: the melody already covers the entire universe!
Oh ... do they already consider me an enslaved by this album? Well, what to do - you are right: slightly processed and rethought version of the first composition, Asuric Being (Radio Edit - Bonus Track) completes the album as well.