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This veil is untiled

January 17, 2022
Veil of Light - Landslide

The musical mystery of the Why song completes the mystical mystery of the Veil of Light - Landslide album's musical sound, transitioning from the initial main male vocals to the melodies of the singing lady, who acts as the dominant vocal factor of the The Prayer Wheel composition.
The musings of the male vocals come to the forefront of the musical image, marching insistently and persistently to the pulsating rhythm of the Love And Money mid-tempo march. The Suburban War twilight musical mystique envelops an atmosphere of enigmatic haze, in which unhurried and cautious vocal phrases are pacing.
The title track Landslide combines the mysterious motifs of epic tales with the futuristic and technogenic sound of the musical embodiment, then the vocal part will mark its importance in the sound of the No Return song.
The rhythmic march with vocal reflections is embodied in the sound of the Fright track, leaving a sense of unresolved mysteries, further enhanced by the mysterious sound of the Passing By song. The Circling Thoughts musical buzzing of the intro builds up a foreboding sense of the trials to come, at first complementing the music with muted chants, but then performing with the vocal banners of the Nothing Was Wrong album's final song.