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Wanderings leave many impressions

November 19, 2020
Dead Like Juliet - Stranger Shores

The keyboard symphony in The Change intro brings the atmosphere of classical music, but then the guitars and vocals blast into a frantic union of rebellious drive. The Those Rivers continues the musical narration of the Dead Like Juliet - Stranger Shores album, first with rhythmic pulsations, then giving energy with sparkling turns of a guitar solo and sometimes transforming the vocals with phrases of recitative and harsh growling.
The vocal part comes to the forefront of the musical image, subordinating the development of the Unwanted musical composition to changes in vocal emotions. An acoustic guitar solo begins sound of the Scared track, but then the vocal phrases add fury and anxiety, invoking waves of frantic drive, restrained by the mid-tempo musical rhythm. Wrapping the vocal frenzy with dark whirlwinds of guitar riffs the Built on Crime song complements this musical narration with the background of keyboard passages, giving originality by combining clean vocals, harsh and growlin in vocals.
The Wanderer's vocal narration begins the composition with tales of wanderings and anticipates the development of an epic musical canvas. The title composition Stranger Shores begins with a fascinating guitar solo, intertwining in a mesmerizing dance around vocal phrases and taking you into the world of dreams and imaginary illusions.
The mid-tempo musical procession complements the narration of the vocal recitative, which hardens to growling in the announcement of the Black Sea title. The guitar solo of the final fragment captivates with charming melody. The Alone or Together track's music combines romantic tunes of ballads and sometimes hardens with waves of mid-tempo drive, complementing these changes with vocal transformations. The final composition of the album accentuates the joy of Coming Home with rebellious appeals, waving the banners of love of freedom and calling for the desire for change.