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Imagination sometimes wriggles in images of distortion

November 19, 2020
Sic Alps - Sic Alps

Soft guitar passages complemented by a keyboard background in the Glyphs intro and enchanting vocal dreaminess begins the Sic Alps - Sic Alpsalbum with a bewitching mystery. Bringing the echoes of his native places with musical passages, the God Bless Her, I Miss Her combines this with the soothing calm of the vocal part. The Lazee Son further develops the influence of country style on musical storytelling.
The gloomy distortion ends with gentle vocal narration, then infused with some playfulness with the Polka Vat musical variations. After the acoustic guitar solo of intro, the Wake Up, It's Over Ii music and vocals captivates with the main motive to discoveries in the musical stream. Viscous musical passages add a festive atmosphere to the saloon, inviting to join the frenzy of the holidaymakers by the Drink Up! instrumental track.
The romantic chime of acoustic guitar strings is combined in a softness of the Thylacine Man gentle ballad with vocal thoughtfulness. The thrill of adventure and the experience of watching movies transforms the perception of the Moviehead experienced virtual impressions. Musical tenderness and vocal sensuality intertwine in the Rock Races song's charming dance, complementing the guitar passages with background tunes of violins. Vocal phrases of the final composition of the album See You On The Slopes are complemented by the piano notes.