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Everything in this world is connected with something

June 12, 2022
Garmarna - Forbundet

Vocal reflections of the lady in the Ramunder composition roll out the musical canvas combination of folklore northern sagas and contemporary musical perception and mentions of ancient unforgettable motifs in the sound of the Garmarna - Forbundet album, developing the influence of the mystery of that unity in the musical image of the Tva Systrar song.
Modern electronic variations raise the banners of the folklore epic, covered enchanting chants of the singing lady in the Dagen Flyr composition, nominating vocal party to the forefront of the Sven I Rosengard musical image.
The introduction of the Ur Varlden Att Ga song creates intrigue with the sad memories of the singing lady, which are further creates an atmosphere of sad romance, continued by the introduction of the Vagskal composition, which leaves the sad confessions of female vocals on the front of the musical image, initially supporting a similar stylistics in the sound of the Lussi Lilla musical fairy tale, but subsequently adding more and more influence of modern music in combination with echoes of ancient folklore sagas.
Raising the banner of memories from the Avskedet musical confessions that are fascinating with the unity of emotional reflections of the singing lady, enveloping the atmosphere of musical memories in anticipation of the Din Grav final vocals confessions.