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Wanderings have left so many memories

October 10, 2018
Erianod - Tales Of a Stranger

Instrumental Prologus suite with romantic motifs in the pre-dawn bliss thoughtfully and slowly begins the Erianod - Tales Of a Stranger album, then dawn cries out for hurrying charges, continuing with majestic and battle passages, showing readiness for any trials. But the composition ends with a again thoughtful romanticism.
Continuing the instrumental component of album Vagrant begins with the mysterious atmosphere of keyboards, creating a mysterious background and introducing shades of gothic. Then the guitar part complements the epic gloom of the fairy-tale atmosphere, mysteriously shrouding consciousness with impenetrable images of ghostly shadows hovering around in a fascinating round dance, introducing spicy trends of Eastern folklore. But the song seeks to escape from these oppressive demons, who seek to overtake and catch in their power - and it is the turn of a fierce battle between wanderers and demons. The spectacular and memorable guitar solo finishes the fight, encompassing with its passages the fate of the universal battle of good and evil. In some ways Temple Of The Sin continues the traditions of the final solo of the previous song, but complements it with vocal phrases. In the middle of the composition, blues notes come to the forefront of the musical image. Starting with epic musical passages, with a marvelous keyboard background Pulse again returns to the fabulous atmosphere of ancient legends, but no longer in the night daze, but sad and sad romanticism - as if the bard sings the serenade of the beloved, sharing with her the impression of long wanderings and a variety of adventures. But the trials continue - a gloomy shadow arises from the twilight under the window of the beloved, abruptly setting new tasks with a recitative. This gives rise to a series of adventures embodied in the instrumental finale of the composition. The pressing background and the grieved passages of the piano begins Desesperandum song, setting the mood of the main motive that rolls saddened by the introduction, but inspired by passages, enveloping the composition with waves of sad epic romance. The appearing vocals appeal to the wave of majestic indignation, culminating in the turns of a discreet drive and an incredibly melodic and sophisticated guitar solo. They are followed by sublime motives praying to the divine spheres. The main, judging by the duration, the composition of the album Wings Of The Life begins with an acoustic guitar romance, then the bard completes his tale with vocal reflections. This part ends with cosmic rays, embodied in the guitar part, but then the composition returns to the melody of the introduction, which is its leitmotif. Then the guitar search returns the atmosphere of thought, entwined with notes of doubt and covered with an invisible shawl of restless sorrow. But the music is complicated, doubts and musli whirl in the whirlwinds of progressive musical decisions, culminating in such an indescribably beautiful wave of drive, incredibly expanding the stylistic framework of the album. Then follows an epic romanticism full of mystical shades, as if fairies are hovering around a fairy glade, giving it magical properties. The composition is transformed many times - creating the impression of a separate artwork. Fatigue, memories and impressions of the experienced trials and adventures are embodied in Epilogus album, completing such a magnificent and diverse musical creation, singing the impressions with a vocal part.