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Unarmed, but with charged thoughts

October 09, 2018
Annisokay - Arms

Having driven in the rhythmic and harsh motifs of the introduction, continuing the musical picture with harsh vocal phrases Coma Blue verse begins the Annisokay - Arms albums with romantic dreams in the choruses, shrouding the surrounding space with so melodious tunes.
Continuing the album with a wave of impetuous drive, Unaware is carrying ribbons of melodic flags on its wings in combination with memorable choruses.
The mysterious twilight of the introduction with so hooded epic motifs, the introduction of the Good Stories vocals brings the movement of ancient legends and mysterious desires.
The raging wave of the drive weaves an exciting canvas of the Fully Automatic song, the vocals begin with a muffled recitative, rising in revolt of sharp growling indignation and romantic speculation of a dreamy clean style.
The vocal starts the quality of the Sea Of Trees song, remaining on the leading edge of the musical image throughout the song.
Thoughtful sensual emotional reflections of the verse serve the composition with a tender ballad, intermingling with harsh vocal phrases in the Innocence Was Here chorus, turning into an argument and discussion of contrasting elements.
The mysterious Humanophobia introduction develops with a hard and furious narration of couplets and romantic, dreamy mood of the choruses.
Doubt-soaked reflections in the End Of The World verse rise in an interrogative plea of the chorus, which captures the mind in a very memorable presentation.
Waves of doubt and reflection roll first with a wave of romantic thoughts, then resenting furious growling, weaving these contrasting stylistics together in the Escalators chorus.
The leisurely Private Paradise (feat. Chris Fronzak) narration is entwined with mystical keyboard passages, the main role in the vocal part is played by dreamy clean vocals, sometimes rebellious by indignant harsh phrases.
The structure of the One Second song is based on the argument of pure vocal with harsh, musical motifs complements this discussion with mysterious passages with romantic notes, shrouding the vocal dispute with a romantic haze of musical background.
Severe but restrained harsh, bordering on growling, dominates the vocal part of the couplets, retreating in refrain before thinking of sensual dreamy vocals, completing the album with a memorable and spectacular Locked Out, Locked In composition.